☀️Creative Black Pearl Fluid Drift Bottle

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☀️Creative Black Pearl Fluid Drift Bottle

This cruise ship ornament is called Never Sink Cruise Ship, so my love for you will never change.

  • This never-sinking cruise ship decorations, symbolizing the never-sinking love and courage, just like our love and life may face many challenges and difficulties, I believe we can all have such fearless courage and get such an eternal love.

  •  Interesting creative Mrlaodie cruise ship ornaments will make different swings according to the amplitude of your swaying seawater, as if in a storm at sea. Such cruise ship ornaments can give you a great sense of security and can relieve stress and anxiety.

【The most meaningful gift】

  • never sinking ship model ornaments, not only a simple model toy, but also symbolizes the perfect gift of brave spirit and eternal love, it is very suitable for relatives, friends, children, colleagues, boyfriend , Girlfriend, wife, husband, unmarried wife, perfect gift for yacht lovers.

Product material
Outer material: acrylic
Cruise ship and iceberg: resin
Product weight: 0.3KG
Product size: 146*54*52mm/0.55*2.12*2.04in

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☀️Creative Black Pearl Fluid Drift Bottle
☀️Creative Black Pearl Fluid Drift Bottle