【50% OFF】Majestic wavy vase🌊🌊


【50% OFF】Majestic wavy vase🌊🌊

In the past, everyone thought that vases were just vessels for holding flowers, but obviously, the role of vases is much more than that.

Since providing liquids 100 years ago, appearing in symbols in Greek mythology, or just as a work of art, the vase is no longer just a prop to support a few flowers, just like the fool I once thought.

Material: Resin

M Size: 15*10*10cm
Weight: 300g

L Size: 30*15*15cm
Weight: 500g

This wave vase was designed and created by Hawaiian glass artists, and their unique vases are inspired by the power of the ocean. The craftsmanship of the ocean vase is very meticulous, as if someone has frozen time, caught the wave in the middle of the picture, and made a vase.

There are several different variations of the wave vase, but in particular, this vase is 12 inches tall.

The wave vase has become very popular, so it is also the best housewarming gift for friends and family.

The ingenious and seamless fusion of gradients and the intricate details of the white foam formed by the impact of waves can be attributed to the lifelike details of the sculpture. These incredible ocean vases are carefully designed with glass resin to depict the waves in the ocean.

【50% OFF】Majestic wavy vase🌊🌊
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