🎁New Year 2022 Sale🎁Fast Defrosting Tray

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🎁New Year 2022 Sale🎁Fast Defrosting Tray

Say goodbye to microwave, hot water or 12 hours waiting.

Defrost meat almost nine times quicker than a ceramic ware

– Use it for any type of frozen food:

  •  Red Meat (steak, burger etc.)
  •  Poultry (turkey, chicken etc.)
  •  Fish (shrimp, salmon, white fish etc.)
  •  Pork (sausage,bacon etc.)
  •  Vegetables


[Quickly and Easily]

With this defrosting tray, you will thaw frozen food 9 times faster than at room temperature, most frozen foods take just 30-60 minutes to defrost. No need electricity, microwave or hot water.

[Unique Design]

This product is equipped with a drip tray, will catch all liquids dripping from thawing food, more convenient for our daily use. And the drip tray also has a non-slip function, preventing the tray from slipping across the workbench.

[Safe and Convenient]

Defrosting tray is made of food grade aluminum, to thaw the frozen food by ecologically transferring heat from ambient temperature to the contact area of the frozen food thereby preserving the texture and taste without compromise.

[Easy to clean]

Our defrosting tray and drip tray are both with nonstick surface, which is very easy to clean up under running water. At the same time, the product can also be used in the dishwasher.


Material: PP+TPR+Alloy aluminum+Ceramic bar

Color: Silver,Black

Product size: 36.5cm×25.1cm

Product weight: 756g

Package includes: Fast Defrosting Tray×1pc

🎁New Year 2022 Sale🎁Fast Defrosting Tray
🎁New Year 2022 Sale🎁Fast Defrosting Tray
Original price was: $75.80.Current price is: $59.22. Select options