🎁SPRING SALE 49% 🎁Ceramic Koi Set 🐟

Original price was: $38.23.Current price is: $19.23.

🎁SPRING SALE 49% 🎁Ceramic Koi Set 🐟

🐠Experience the beauty of the sea anywhere

Captivate garden lovers with ‘Fish in the Garden’. Whether placed among ferns or cacti, in the sun or in the shade, these ceramic pieces will bring the beauty of an underwater landscape to any garden, yard or home interior.

🐟Guiding the eye of garden lovers

Whether it’s a single fish or an entire school, you’re sure to not only delight the observer, but also lead the way for garden lovers😍

👍Suitable for all climates and spaces

These stunning pieces are built to last in Maine and are available in a wide range of colours to suit any environment and withstand any weather conditions.

🎁Fish In The Garden’s unique fish art garden decorations are the perfect gift for any occasion. Wherever they are planted, they evoke a feeling of joy and tranquillity, yet are absolutely delightful! 

🐟Start with a set of three — one with two tails, one with tails — and add as many fish as you want to create a colorful school 🐟

✨Go through the bottom hole of the hollow fish and wedged firmly into the top fin, so the fish stays at the angle of your choice, recommended for groups of 3 or more to move and flow.

✨Says the artist who designed and made these fish: One is a fish on a stick. The second is cute and romantic. Three or more will create flow. ”

Install these ceramic fish anywhere in your landscape, day or night, whatever the weather, and enjoy the pleasure it brings you every day of the year🤣

Dimensions: 15*7*10cm

Ceramic Koi Set
🎁SPRING SALE 49% 🎁Ceramic Koi Set 🐟
Original price was: $38.23.Current price is: $19.23. Select options