💥Hot Sale💥Airplane Launcher Catapult Gun

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💥Hot Sale💥Airplane Launcher Catapult Gun

Help your kids have fun and gain hand-eye coordination skills using Flymax Fun Plane Toy!

● Portable and easy to carry

● Help kids develop coordination and critical thinking skills

● Help kids develop a sense of direction

● Easy for children to have fun

Make your kids have fun while developing new skills with this toy!

With no doubt, this is the best toy that your kids need to develop critical thinking skills in a practical way. They will fall in love with the plane shooting toy in just a few minutes. As a matter of fact, they will always keep it by their side and feel like playing with it all the time.

We recommend this toy to every parent who wants to make their kids happy and help them develop new skills as they grow up.



The plane’s lightweight, coated foam construction is appealing because it means it won’t cause any harm or damage in case you happen to get hit by one.

Your kids will enjoy the interesting flying game immediately since the 4 piece airplane toys are lightweight, small in size, easy to install and disassemble.


With our Flymax Fun Plane toy, your kids will develop practical, hand-eye coordination ability and a sense of direction. It will relax your kid’s mind and body by releasing stress and providing lots of fun.


You can count on the Flymax fun plane toy as one of the best toys you can ever give your kids. It can be their best birthday or Christmas gift.

The fun of this airplane toy will definitely make your kids love it, their eyes will surely get lit up if they receive this amazing gun as a gift and would love you more for it.

How to Use:

Step 1: Put the airplanes into the slots and adjust the position of the airplane

Step 2: Press the lower button to lower the airplane to the groove

Step 3: Push and pull loading press the trigger and launch the first airplane (Do the same for the second and third airplane)

💥Hot Sale💥Airplane Launcher Catapult Gun

Technical Specifications:

● Material: ABS

● Plane Material: Foam

💥Hot Sale💥Airplane Launcher Catapult Gun

Package Includes:

1 x Airplane Launcher

4 x Foam planes

1 x Package Box

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Airplane Launcher Catapult Gun
💥Hot Sale💥Airplane Launcher Catapult Gun
Original price was: $41.90.Current price is: $20.90. Select options