🔥2021 Hot Sale -50% OFF🔥 ⛲Solar Powered Water Fountain⛲

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🔥2021 Hot Sale -50% OFF🔥 ⛲Solar Powered Water Fountain⛲

🔥2021 Hot Sale -50% OFF🔥 ⛲Solar Powered Water Fountain⛲

The Solar Powered Fountain is the PERFECT feature for your garden. It can be used anywhere and it runs on solar power, which means there’s no maintenance, ugly wires or time consuming set up. This makes it the perfect decorative accessory for any backyard, garden or home this Spring and Summer!

Setup couldn’t be easier:

upon delivery just let it absorb some sun and set it in whatever body of water you desire. Performance is dependent on sunlight, although it does work in the shade or on a cloudy day, the strength of the fountain is optimal on a sunny day and in water with a depth that can keep the fountain submerged.


Solar powered, no battery or electricity needed!
Easy to install and to use
Maximum water height: Approx. 17.7 inches
Product size: 160*45mm
Net weight: 240g
Solar panel: 7V/1.4W
Pump output: DC 4.5-10V

It will be more beautiful to place multiple solar fountains