šŸ”„Buy 2 Get 1 FreešŸ”„Multifunctional Paring Knife


Multifunctional Paring Knife

This peeler isĀ the perfect toolĀ forĀ removing peels of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Cutlery-grade stainless steel bladesĀ provide better operation. This handy kitchen tool tears off fruits and vegetables and forms a cheese curveĀ with precision and speed.

Main Features

  • šŸ„•Sharp Edge
    Stainless steel material, heat-treated blade, high hardness, two-in-one blade, can peel and plan;Ā easy peeling, thin and fast, making your peeling working more hearty.
  • šŸ„’Use Safety
    The hand-held wire cutter is easy to hold, ergonomic,Ā safe and fastĀ to use, and designed with a tail hook forĀ easy storage, cutting and easy handling.
  • šŸ„”Smooth Glide Technology
    Won’t clog with peels.Ā Dishwasher Safe.


  • Stainless steel
Product Weight
  • 78G
  • 182*80*28mm
Package Contents
  • Multifunctional Paring Knife Ɨ 1

Product Size

Multifunctional Paring Knife
šŸ”„Buy 2 Get 1 FreešŸ”„Multifunctional Paring Knife
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