12-in-1 Modular Toolbox(50%OFF)


12-in-1 Modular Toolbox(50%OFF)


12-in-1 Modular Toolbox(50%OFF)

We want to make sure you never say “I don’t have the tools” again. That’s why we bring you a super compact, portable and high quality toolbox. That’s,  all you need power tools  are placed in a  box  multifunctional and  fully functional.

The AC / DC converter allows desktop tools to work directly from the network. Plug in any outlet and use DOER bench tools for uninterrupted work.

Put this bad boy on the drill and you have a high quality electric drill. Or attach it to the column for an instant bench drill.

Use it in the portable puzzle bit. Plug it into a desktop computer and you get a powerful jigsaw.

At UniGrip it is a manual circular saw. Attach it to the stainless steel table to get an amazing table saw.

Connect to UniGrip for some manual hot wire cutting operations. Correct it in the work area to improve stability.

Mount the bit horizontally on the base and then fix it on the column / guide to perform the sanding function with the help of the sander holder.

The lathe is best suited for turning basically cylindrical or tapered cylindrical shapes, including the shape of chess pieces.

The rotating head can achieve hands-free lighting or install a flashlight diffuser to keep stable and constant lighting to fill your space.

We’re veterans in the power tool industry, so this isn’t our first rodeo … or our first box of power tools. For more than ten years, we have worked hard to perfect “tools in the box.”

Tool Specifications

12-in-1 Modular Toolbox(50%OFF)

Rotary Hammer / Driver   – 2-speed transmission and 21-position clutch with override function handle torque requirements for all applications, allowing quick changes in drilling mode to drive. Battery: 20 Volt_Max, Chuck: 13 mm (1/2 in.) Metal sleeve, RPM: 0-350 / 0 – 1,350, BPM: 0-4,550 / 0-17,550, Clutch: 18 positions. Dimensions 235 x 65 x 75 mm, 1.37 kg

Tabletop Drill Press    – Chuck Height – Stroke: 6.5 in. Race. / 3.5 in. – 1.25 ” stroke (165mm-90mm-34mm stroke)

Drill Also Comes With: 1/4 “HEX Shank, 1 x # 1 50mm Long Phillips, 1 x 50mm Long Drive Drill Extender, 1 x # 4 50mm Long Flat Head, 4 x 3mm to 6mm HSS drill bits, # 6 25mm long, # 2 Philips head 25mm long.

Circular Saw   – 6.1 / 2 in. (165mm) Circular Saw (Brushless Motor) features updated depth of cut and motor torque. The aluminum base is precision machined after casting to provide a stable and precise cut. Quick release fasteners allow quick changes to depth of cut and angle of cut without the need for additional tools. Battery: 20 Volt_Max, Blade Size: 6.1 / 2 in. (165 mm), Chuck Size: 5/8 in. (16 mm), Speed: 4600 RPM (no load speed, variable), Depth of cut: 2.25 in. At 0 °, 1.75 in. At 45 °, bevel cutting capacity: 0 ° -55 °. Dimensions 260 x 175 x 285 mm, 2.22 kg

Table Saw   – Maximum Cutting Thickness at 0: 2.25 in. (56 mm), maximum slice thickness at 45: 1.75 in. (45 mm)

The circular saw comes with the saw blade.

Sierra de   Calar – Orbital, cycle and longer cut. Up to 2700 SPM, but its variable speed feature gives the user superior control up to 1000 SPM. the cast aluminum base offers exceptional stability, while the fiberglass reinforced nylon gliding surface eliminates friction between the tool and the work surface. Battery: 20 Volt_Max, SPM: 0 – 2800 (variable speed), Maximum cutting thickness: 1.5 in., 1-inch stroke length, Cutting angle: 0 ° to 45 ° (left to right), Stroke per minute: 1000 – 2800 SPM, orbital motion: 4 settings. Dimensions 250 x 75 x 185 mm, 1.30 kg

Helical Saw – Deep Throat: 13 in. (33 mm), 1.5 in. Maximum slice thickness. (40 mm)

The jigsaw also comes with: 1 long jigsaw blade for cutting metal, 1 jigsaw blade for cutting long wood, 1 short jigsaw blade for cutting metal, 1 short jigsaw blade for cutting wood

Work Light   – With a rotating head that allows hands-free spot lighting or lantern diffuser attachment to fill your space with consistent, even illumination. A compartment located in the handle can store your small items and / or the lantern diffuser when not in use. Battery: 20 Volt_Max, Operation: DC 14.5 ~ 21V 3.2W, LED: 3W, 250 lumens. Dimensions 195 x 65 x 125 mm, 0.35 kg

Worklight comes with an LED lamp.

HotWire cutter   – max. Cutting height: 80mm, temperature range: 50 ~ 300 degree. Battery: 20V_Max lithium-ion, max. Power consumption: 30W, temperature range: 50 ~ 300 degree, Maximum cutting height: 80mm. Dimensions 240 x 80 x 200 mm

The Hotwire cutter comes with the wire.

Mini Lathe Table   – Speed ​​1350 RPM, Battery: 20V_Max lithium ion. Dimensions 130 x 65 x 130 mm

Table sander –  speed: 1,350 RPM, easy to replace the disc, battery: 20V_Max lithium ion battery. Dimensions 125 x 175 x 125 mm. The sander is also equipped with 12 sandpaper.

Accessories for 20-in-1 Power Drill

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