12V High Pressure Car Care Cleaner

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12V High Pressure Car Care Cleaner
12V High Pressure Car Care Cleaner


12V High Pressure Car Care Cleaner

Working current: 6A Pressure:0.68MpaFlow: 4L/min

1. 12V DC diaphragm pump. This pump is equipped with a pressure switch. When the switch on the outlet pipe is closed, the motor will automatically power was cut off and the work stopped.

2. High-cost performance. The car wash is designed with a DC 12V power supply, which can be directly used in cars, which is convenient, practical, safe, and reliable.

3. Low power consumption:

4. Long service life

5. Corrosion resistance.

II. Technical Indicators:

Voltage: 12V Current: about 5-6A Maximum pressure: 0.68Mpa General pressure: 0.4-0.5 MPA

Maximum flow: 4L/min Dimensions: 160X100X60mm

III. Methods of use:

The direction of the arrow on the pump is the outlet.

2. Wires are not divided into positive and negative poles.

3. The water pump can be placed in any direction.

IV. Considerations for use

1. Do not soak in water.

2. The pressure adjustment screw cannot be adjusted at will. Before leaving the factory, the pressure has been adjusted. If it is adjusted at will, it is easy to increase the reflux pressure and burst the water pipe. 3. The water inlet must be equipped with a filtering device, and impurities cannot enter. Otherwise, it is easy to block the water pump, resulting in reduced pressure and even no water.

IV, common faults and troubleshooting:

1, there is electricity, the pump does not rotate. Check that the wires behind the motor fall off.

2. The water pump rotates and sprays water, but the fog is small and the pressure decreases. Turn on the water pump and check whether there are sundries in the pump chamber. Whether the motor bracket is loose, tighten the screws. Note that the inlet and outlet valves cannot be installed in reverse.

3. After the pump is used for half a year or one year, the pressure drop and spray quantity are small. Turn on the water pump and tighten the motor bracket screws. Change the direction of the small die in the cavity up and down, or change the small grinding plate.

V. Scope of Use:

Vehicle cleaning, ship, beverage, carpet cleaning, ground cleaning, water purification, and water treatment equipment.

One, an electric sprayer for agricultural production can also be retrofitted with a hand-held sprayer into an electric sprayer (a miniature water pump can be directly installed on the hand-held sprayer, and a battery or portable lamp can be equipped).

Two, to solve the vehicles, ships, yachts, boats, and others in the use of food, washing, bathing, toilets, flushing water.

Three, food and beverage processing and processing equipment, to achieve the transfer of fluid food, distribution, filling, etc.

Fourth, domestic water supply. For example, water-saving toilets, water-saving toilets, electric toilets, water pipe pressurization systems, etc.

Fifth is the solar industry.

Six, water purification industry. For example, purification equipment, water treatment equipment, drinking fountains, water purification machines, etc. Can be a tissue softener, water dispenser, coke machine,

Juicer, dishwasher, disinfector, solar bonsai, automotive glass washing, and other production enterprises supporting.

Seven, other need liquid transfer, injection, and metering equipment and systems. For example, garbage trucks, sprinklers, carpet cleaning equipment,

Ground cleaning equipment, vehicle cleaning equipment, road construction equipment, dishwasher, medical equipment, chemical equipment, chemical prevention equipment, disinfection equipment, cooling system, pressurization system, etc.

12V High Pressure Car Care Cleaner