2-In-1 Smart Stainless Steel Knife

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$44.99 $19.95

2-In-1 Smart Stainless Steel Knife

$44.99 $19.95

Cut Everything With Ease!

Use the 2-In-1 Smart Stainless Steel Knife And Scissors in your kitchen, on picnics, or when camping or hiking. This one device will replace all of your knives and shears.

This will become one of your best kitchen utensils and can be used either by adult or toddler as a: food chopper, food scissors, vegetable slicer and dicer, fruit cutter, and so much more.

Cutting will now be easy and quick with this gadget. The ergonomic design of the device, along with long handles made of high-quality plastic, will save you from getting tired when cutting. 


Whole Length: 24.5cm

Blade Length: 12cm

Blade Width: 2cm

Chopping Block: 10cm

Handle Length: 12.5cm

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