Early Christmas Promotion 49% OFF 🎅2022 New DIY Festive Ambient Light 🎁


2022 New DIY Festive Ambient Light
Early Christmas Promotion 49% OFF 🎅2022 New DIY Festive Ambient Light 🎁

✨ Lights that flow to the beat of the music? This must be very exciting!

😎 Allowing you to decorate your patio and bedroom without any worries, For all your festive light decoration needs!


✨ 【2022 NEW 😍】 Sound activated festive ambient light !

Easy to shape Wire and Wide Uses: Flexible copper wire design makes this waterproof LED lights can be applied both indoor outdoor, like teen girl room, bedroom, dormitory, bar, window, goblet, Christmas tree.

An amazing RGB copper string lights for creating marvelous decorations for Christmas, Halloween, and parties!


🎨Amazing Bluetooth Fairy Lights: The thin copper wire and smaller dewdrop-sized LED bulbs will give a delicate and cozy touch to everyday decorations and holiday decor like DIY, Wedding, Party, etc

🔊 Smart Lights with Music Sync: A built-in sensitive microphone on the controller empowers this LED string light to flash in rhythm with any music, creating a matched dynamic and romantic atmosphere. Simply immerse yourselves in music and lighting. Perfect for outdoor areas like patio, balcony, garden, dining areas


☔Waterproof and Shockproof:Our USB fairy string lights’ waterproof IP rating is IP67. The LED is covered by polycarbonate, which is good at shockproof insulation. Ensured the long-lasting life span and safety.

🚦 Smart Control:

1. Made of copper wire: copper wire, 0.42 thick wire

2. Synchronized with music and microphone: The speed of the light string beating changes according to the music rhythm.

3. Timer setting: random timing function, get rid of the traditional fixed timing.

4. USB charging: 5v usb interface is enough, convenient, power bank, mobile phone charger, computer can be

5. APP control: First, install the app on the mobile phone, download the APP “LED LAMP”, and match it with Bluetooth. No remote control required.


6. Brightness and speed: It can be dimmed within 12m through the app, the brightness is adjustable from 1%-100%, and the speed is adjustable.

7. Millons Colors: More than 16 million colors to change colors, and provide 7 scene modes and 29 dynamic modes.

8. One more APP light: control less than 10 groups of lights at the same time to keep working under the same color.

9. Memory function: Even if Bluetooth is not connected, the memory function can keep working, and the timer setting also has a memory function.

10. Running method 1: In custom mode, there are 4 running modes to choose from (Jump, Breath, Flash, Gradient)


11. Run method2: in regular mode, static mode (7 colors), three-color jump (7 colors), seven-color jump, three-color gradient (7 colors), seven-color gradient, single-color gradient (7-color), single-color gradient Color flash mode (7 colors), two color gradients.

12.The product can only be adjusted to a single color synchronously through the mobile APP, and cannot be adjusted to display multiple colors at the same time. There are 16 million colors to choose from! Android system, Apple system is common, APP language can be automatically adjusted according to the mobile phone system, and supports most languages ​​in Europe and the United States.

❓ Q&A 🤔

Q1: Is the light water proof or water resistant?
A1: The light string is water resistant but the USB and controller are not.

Q2: Can you choose three or more specific colors for the lights to alternate between? Like orange, purple, and green? Or just green and red?
A2: It doesn’t let you choose specific colors but there are a lot of different modes that run through different colors.

Q3: What is a good way to hang them up?
A3: Hooks are included in the package, and there is also an eyelet above the bulb to allow the wire to pass through.

Q4:How does this light sync with music?
A4: The built-in, sensitive mic allows you to sync the string lights to your favorite music or even responds to your voice.


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