3 in 1 Bottle Cap Detail Brush(50% OFF)


3 in 1 Bottle Cap Detail Brush(50% OFF)

Do you have the following troubles?

❌ bottle mouth is small cannot be cleaned.
❌ pacifier gap is difficult to clean.

❌ The gap in the lid cannot be cleaned.

With our 3 in 1 Bottle Cap Detail Brush without any concerns. They are a perfect choice for you.

3 in 1 design, Specially wash deep grooves, gaps, corner positions,Dense brush | strong detergency | easy to clean.



① Inclined Brush: Fits to the mouth of the cup for easy cleaning,Clean the spirals, gaps and corners that the sponge can’t reach.

② Spiral Brush: High-density spiral fine slit brush,Strong decontamination ability, every thin seam is washed clean,

③ Disassembly Device: Slender hook-shaped disassembly device,Easily remove the silicone ring to remove stubborn dirt.

► Thoughtful Design

180° rotated and replaced, small and fast, easy to switch, with storage hanging holes, can be hung when not in use, convenient storage.

► Easy To Clean

Easy to clean, just gently rinse with water, dry quickly, not easy to breed bacteria.

► Wide Application

Suitable for all kinds of cups and bottles,such as cups, glasses, milk bottles, sports cups, wine glasses, tea cups, beakers, etc.Can also be used for kettles, kettles lids, plates, pacifiers, etc.


☺ Material: Polypropylene

☺ Weight: 33g

☺ Color: White

☺ Size: 10*15 cm/4*6 inches

☺ Package Contents: 3 in 1 Bottle Cap Detail Brush x 1

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3 in 1 Bottle Cap Detail Brush(50% OFF)
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