3 Type Invisible Anti-abrasion Foot Stick


3 Type Invisible Anti-abrasion Foot Stick
3 Type Invisible Anti-abrasion Foot Stick

3 Type Invisible Anti-abrasion Foot Stick


3 Type Invisible Anti-abrasion Foot Stick

Type 1: Sponge Foot stick, adhere to the heel of your shoes to prevent rubbing and blisters.

Type 2:  Upgrade Invisible+Sponge Foot Stick, soft sponge part for care and repair blisters, while sticking on slip-on shoes!

Type 3: Ultra-thin transparent self-adhesive, Waterproof, invisible & transparent!

Main Features

  • Prevent blisters from forming:¬†A¬†soft gel pad prevents direct friction between the foot and the shoe, alleviates the pain of new shoes grinding the foot or walking for long periods, and prevents blisters.

  • Clean and safe:¬†blister treatment patches can be applied for blistering, more clean and safe to protect your injuries away from dust and dirt

  • Good adhesive:¬†one stick on, good adhesive ensure the shoe blister protections keep in place for a long day of work.
  • Waterproof design
    Waterproof design, anti-slip, breathable, heat resistant, wear-resistant, buffering, good flexibility, strong wrap-up performance, close to the skin, preventing dirt from entering, and better protecting the skin.

  • Using widely
    It can be used in places where is easily rubbed, such as the heel, ankles, fingers, and so on to prevent blister.
  • Oval-shaped, small, and invisible:¬†Inconspicuous, ultra-thin and breathable, high elasticity, softness, comfortable to wear.

  • High-quality materials:¬†Good heat resistance, water-proof, abrasion resistance, and cushioning performance.
  • Pain relief:¬†Prevents heel or feet from pressure, protects from calluses, blisters, and irritation.

  • Strong adhesion and simple to use:¬†Each patch has a strong adhesive to keep the pad in place for a long day of work.
  • Quantity:¬†comes with a total of 20 pieces of pads in sheets, enough for you to use.


  • Soft sponge+Skin friendly adhesive
Product Size
  • Invisible anti-abrasion foot stick: 2.5CM √ó 6CM √ó 0.1CM
Package Contents
  • Sponge Foot Stick√ó 20pcs
  • Upgrade Invisible+Sponge Foot Stick√ó 20pcs
  • Ultra-thin transparent Stick¬†√ó 20pcs