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So, you’ve finally got a new tattoo! Congratulations! And if you’re finding ways to recover from the new inking done then look no further, we got just the right thing for you!

Introducing the After Tattoo Balm – an ALL-NATURAL aftercare solution that guarantees your speedier after-tat recovery in no time!

Heals Skin Quickly

  • Made from ALL-NATURAL solution that offers skin-repairing properties from deep within.
  • It provides the needed lubrication to keep skin moisturized, thus preventing scab formation and scars from developing on the design
  • Eliminates inflammation, redness & swelling. It soothes the skin gently to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce pain & itching, too!

Mending Balm Recommended by Tattoo Experts


  • After getting inked, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take good care of the tattoo during the recovery period. Usually, it takes weeks, even months to completely heal. But thanks to this Balm, you may now be able to speed up the healing process and even greatly prevent some tattoo complications by providing your tat with the much-needed moisturization & barrier of the tattoed area.
  • Safe on all skin types. Non-allergenic and non-irritating.

100% Safe Topical & Easy Application

Suitable for a Variety of Use

  • It not only works on newly-inked skin but also works great on your older tattoo to keep them more vibrant
  • Also perfect for micro bladed eyebrows & lips enhancement, too
  • Enhances color retention & improves tattoo appearance, Improves clarity, sharpness, splendor, and general appearance of the tattoo.

Activate powerful healing right after getting inked NOW with this After Tattoo Balm! Simply a MUST for your tattoo aftercare regime!

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