Bounzy Curl Defining Styling Kit

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Bounzy Curl Defining Styling Kit
Bounzy Curl Defining Styling Kit
Get beautiful curls without heat!!
With our Bounzy Curl Defining Styling Kit, you can instantly achieve bouncy, nourished and defined curls with a flexible hold, styling your soft and manageable hair like a pro!

Not just for shaping curls, it also repels humidity and detangles hair, leaving your curls tangle, frizz, and static-free.
Specially formulated with Argan oil-based, the moisturizing spray and lightweight cream help you in nourishing and strengthening hair.
They volumize your hair, no more flatness and dullness. Quick drying formula to create high definition curls in minutes with natural gloss of hair, no residues left.

Easily create different types of curls with long-lasting stronghold – spiral curls, barrel curls, and everything in-between. Simply shape the curls to your favorite style.

1. Apply a small amount of hair defining cream onto clean and damp hair.
2. Apply the cream on the palm of the hands and apply from the middles to the ends of the hair (1-2 dosages). The amount to apply will depend on the type of hair, length and volume.
3. Shape the curls with your hands.
4. Spray to define hair curl lines.
5. You’re good to go with your bouncy, glorious curls!

1pc x Bounzy Curl Defining Cream
or 1pc x Bounzy Curl Boosting Spray
or 1 set x Bounzy Curl Defining Styling Kit (Cream + Spray)