Car windshield sunshade with storage bag


Car windshield sunshade with storage bag
Car windshield sunshade with storage bag

Car windshield sunshade with storage bag

Is the scorching sun making your car uncomfortable?

Car windshield sunshade with storage bag

Suppose you park your car in the sun for a while. Have you ever felt a “wow” and started turning on the air conditioner when you got in the car? Sunlight has the ability to amplify harmful sunlight through your car’s windshield, so your car could have problems with cracked or faded dashboards, faded seats and steering wheels, and tampered LCD screens!

Do you want this feeling to stop every time you get into your car?

The windshield sunshade is the perfect choice for you. that’s why!

  • Many benefits for your car and your personal health.
  • It can help you drastically reduce the cabin temperature.
  • You no longer have to worry about extreme internal temperatures.
  • It effectively blocks the attack of deadly UV rays on the interior of your car, thereby eliminating car dashboard cracks, worn steering wheels, red-hot car seats, and maintaining a cool ideal car interior temperature!
Full coverage of the windshield!
Windshield visors have been shown to effectively disperse heat and other harmful sun rays such as UVA and UVB.
Our sunshade covers the entire front interior of your car and protects the interior of the electronics panel from the sun!
Easily overlap!
  • The windshield visor features extra fabric that allows up to 8 inches of overlap between circles for a comfortable fit in your car

Sturdy, durable and powerful!

  • The steel rim is now 3x reinforced, providing great durability, making it the perfect accessory in the long run!

Durable material!
  • Unlike other awnings that use 190T or less, our high density, premium 240T polyester material protects your car from harmful UV rays entering your car!

Car windshield sunshade with storage bag