Color Fit Transforming Spray


Color Fit Transforming Spray
Color Fit Transforming Spray

Color Fit Transforming Spray

Transform your body and firm up your skin with the

Fit Transforming & Firming Spray!

With just a few sprays every night, it can burn fat in different areas easily! It also brings your skin back to its best shape, making it tighter and returns its elasticity!

Look good effortlessly!¬†All you have to do is spray it on fatty parts of your body!¬†With regular use, you’ll see results in weight loss and skin tightness in no time!

Say goodbye to cellulites and droopy skin! With regular use, it can bring back firmness in your beautiful skin! The special formulation penetrates the skin to break down fat cells, which helps you slim down and even out your skin!

The spray is so versatile that you can use it to remove fat in different areas of your body! Just spray it on any problem and fatty areas that you want to focus on!

It can do all these amazing things from removing fat to tightening and rejuvenating skin because of the incredible and highly effective all natural formula! The formula is made from a rich mix of Lotus leaf, Saffron, Rhubarb, Licorice root, Cassia, and Kudingcha.

The Fit Transforming & Firming Spray is easy to use! Just spray it on your body and massage it thoroughly for maximum effect. Do this everyday at night before bed for the best results!

       Product Specifications:

       Size: 30ml
Shelf Life: 36 Months
Instructions: Massage product into the desired area for 15minutes.
Suggested usage: Everyday at night before bed.
Package Includes: 1 x Fit Transforming & Firming Spray