Crease Biker Bag

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Crease Biker Bag


Our bag is an all one bag that gives you extra storage, extreme durability all while looking Extremely sleek and stylish.


Easy Installment: Our simple 4 way web mounting system makes instalment simple and easy!

Waterproof: Don’t stress on the road! Relax knowing all your valuables are safe with our 2 way water proof zippers and integrated rain hood that makes our bag water tight.

Heat Resistant: Even on the hottest days our bags inner heat resistant liners keep your valuables cool and protected.

Spacious Compartments: Never leave anything at home bring everything you need along on your rides!

Superior Material: Our outer Kevlar material is waterproof and crash resistant giving you a piece of mind knowing you things will always be safe!

Specter Plastic vs Oxford cloth: the oxford cloth is a softer material while the Specter Plastic is a rough material that gives the bag a textured look.

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