FenderGear Bicycle Exhaust Pipe

$63.90 $31.95

FenderGear Bicycle Exhaust Pipe

$63.90 $31.95

Transform Your Bike Into Motorbike Instantly!

Dreaming to own a motorbike?

Here is an instant solution to realize your dream! Now, we are offering this FenderGear Bicycle Exhaust Pipe – an extraordinary bike attachment that will instantly transform your ordinary bike into a motorized bike. Easy and Fast!

PRODUCES A SOUNDS LIKE A REAL MOTORBIKE – This FenderGear Bicycle Exhaust Pipe is equipped with sound cards that would produce a sound like that of a real motorbike.

There are 3 types of interchangeable Sound Card For Different Sounds! Choose the one that fits your biking style.

TOP OF THE LINE QUALITY – It is made from extra-strong plastic material. It has been tested for its dependability and durability. It is very lightweight, with no need for excessive force.

EASY INSTALLATION PROCESS – Simply clamp and slip exhaust onto bike frame! Easy and instant bike transformation that you never expect.

Instantly, you will be pleased to see that your ordinary bike now Look & Sound Like Real MotorBike! Amazing, isn’t it?

STYLISH – like that of a real exhaust pipe, this FenderGear Bicycle Exhaust Pipe has ready attachable stickers to make it appealing and beautiful.

NO MAINTENANCE COST – Aside from the satisfaction it brings, this bike exhaust pipe is Pedal Powered, No Batteries Needed! No additional expense, just pure human-powered!

UNIVERSALLY FIT – Fits and can be installed to ALL Bikes’ model and size!

Enjoy your NEW motorbike sound-a-like with this FenderGear Bicycle ExhaustPipe! Buy yours Now!

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