Firewood Split Drill (🔥49% OFF🔥)


Firewood Split Drill (🔥49% OFF🔥)
Firewood Split Drill (🔥49% OFF🔥)

Firewood Split Drill (🔥49% OFF🔥)

32/42MM Round/Square/Hexagonal Shank Firewood Drill Bit Splitter Step Drill Bit Split Drilling Tools For Woodworking

Main Features

    Made from high-quality Carbon steel, no breaks due to vibration can be used for a long time.

    This drill bit is integrally formed, exceptionally strong, impact-resistant, and wear-resistant.

    Efficient tools for logging and opening the wood for quick separation of logs and increased productivity.

    This drill has a grooved anti-slip design that saves time and effort, helps you to chop firewood easily.

    This drill is suitable for a wide range of use, whether it is family or farm, which can be easily used.

Usage Scenarios

  • Square handles household, small diameter wood. Suitable for a square handle joint hammer, the machine should rotate clockwise.
  • Hexagonal shank: household, small diameter wood. Suitable for hexagonal handle joint electric drill, hand drill, the machine should turn clockwise.


  • Carbon steel
The handle type
  • Round handle, Square handle, Hexagonal handle
  • 32 mm
  • 42 mm
Product Weight
  • 32 MM Firewood Split Drill: 430G
  • 42 MM Firewood Split Drill: 450G
Package Contents
  • Firewood Split Drill × 1