Grill Stand


Grill Stand
Grill Stand

Grill Stand

Delicious, juicy, crispy crust

With the multipurpose grill, you can get the perfect crispy crust on almost any grilled food. For pork belly, fish, ribs, drumsticks, BBQ skewers and more – your grilled food stays juicy on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside.

Thanks to the precise angle, this grill allows the fat to drip off perfectly.


The versatile grill is also ideal for vegetable skewers, fish, and more. Simply put on and cook indirectly. There are no limits to your grilling creativity.


After grilling, the stainless steel stand can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. For maximum grilling fun and a really crispy crust.


Stainless steel stand for grilling crispy crusts and almost any grilled food
Special shape: baked food is fixed, excess fat drips
Indirect cooking of ribs, bacon, drumsticks and steaks to stick fish or skewers without direct heat
Made of stainless steel: easy to clean and dishwasher safe
The ideal angle ensures juicy meat inside and a crispy crust

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 20 * 10 * 8
Weight: About 350g

Package list:

1*BBQ grill

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