GripXT – Grip Strengtheners


GripXT – Grip Strengtheners
GripXT – Grip Strengtheners

GripXT – Grip Strengtheners

GripXT – Grip Strengtheners improve grip strength and prevent injury by training the extensor muscles in your fingers.

Elbow injuries and forearm pain is a familiar thing among the people who participate in a repetitive activities that use only the flexor muscles of the forearm. Such activities are rock climberstennis playersweightlifters and many more. All these people most likely will experience Repetitive Strain Injury at some point. Tendonitis and carpal tunnel are some of the MOST common injuries among these activities due to the strain caused by the repetitive movements under strenuous force!

Extensor exercises are recommended by doctors for rehabilitation of these conditions but it would make sense if you do yourself a favor and avoid this injury before it has arrived. Or at minimum prevent an acute case becoming chronic. Take care of yourself before facing the wall!


GripXT Finger Strengthener are an easy solution for this problem that can prevent pain, stabilize your forearm muscles, improve strength and protect you from injury by simply strengthening and balancing your forearm muscles that you didn’t train before.

BENEFITS of GripXT Grip Strengthener:

  • Improve Grip Strength
  • Injury recovery&prevention
  • Balance/Build Forearm Musculature
  • Stabilize Wrist & Elbow Joints
  • Improve Muscle Tone
  • Faster Injury Recovery
  • Ease of use (Use it ANYWHERE)

We offer three type of resistance levels:

  • Beginner Level (Light)– Green (3 kg or 6.6 lbs)
  • Intermediate Level (Moderate) – Blue (4 kg or 8.8 lbs)
  • Advanced Level (Heavy) – Orange (5 kg or 11 lbs)

Main features:

  • Material: 100% 1st-grade silica gel, BPA-free.
  • Safe and durable
  • Three different resistance levels: Light, Moderate, and Heavy
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