Groove Cleaning Brush


Groove Cleaning Brush
Groove Cleaning Brush

Easily clean window grooves, sliding doors, shower door tracks with our Groove Cleaning Brush

Do your Daily home cleaning with easy and effortlessly

Go deep into the ditch and quickly decontaminate, Cracks, corners, clean no dead ends, easy to brush away dust.

Close to the surface, easy to clean, Small and easy to hold, convenient to hold, no dirty hands, clean and effortless.

Removable and replaceable, Clean and hygienic, affordable and durable.

Looking for an EASY, SIMPLE way to get a sparkling clean home?

Efficiently cleans lime, mold, soap residue, rust, and greasiness by just a sweep! 


  • Universal Groove Cleaning Brush
    Efficiently cleans lime, mold, soap residue, rust, and greasiness by just a sweep!
  • Never Cause Rhinitis!
    The scrub head of scouring pad fits deeply into seam, which prevents dirt flies or float in the air.
  • Diverse Usages
    Perfect for cleaning blinds, sinks, car vents, door tracks, glass, bathtubs, and keyboards, gas stoves and more.
  • User-friendly Handle
    The ergonomic non-slip handle brings you a safe and comfortable cleaning experience.
  • Refillable
    Easily replace the brush to perform different cleaning tasks, or rinse it for quick cleaning.
  • Durable, Easy to Store
    The bristles are made of scouring pad, which has strong flexibility, abrasion resistance.

  • Material: PP, Premium Sponge
  • Size: 14 x 3.3 x 8 cm
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