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Wanna keep that “brand new” look of your outfits & furniture?

Then coat your stuffs with this new Nano Stain Protective Spray!

With the help of “Advanced Nanotechnology”, this spray completely protects all kinds of fabrics & furniture by leaving an invisible barrier. This barrier repels dirt, water & other contaminants, and lasts up to 3 months!

NANOTECHNOLOGY – Inspired by lotus leaf defensive mechanism, it leaves an invisible protective layer that makes dirt and water bead up, which then slides off without leaving any residue at all.WATERPROOF – Since it’s mixed with high amounts of hydrophobic substances, it can repel any kinds of liquids faster and more effective than traditional stain sprays.LONG LASTING – Has special formula that keeps your shoes, clothes & other stuffs dirt-free & waterproof up to 3 months!

EASY TO USE – Very simple application. Spray the contents to your desired item to make them dirt-free and waterproof in an instant!

WIDE APPLICATION – Ideal for different situations. It can be applied to clothes, shoes, bags, and car interiors.

Restore that “brand new” look of your stuffs by making them waterproof & dirt-free!Apply the Nano Stain Protective Spray to your outfits & furnitures TODAY!

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