New Trend Cleaning Cat Toilet


New Trend Cleaning Cat Toilet
New Trend Cleaning Cat Toilet

New Trend Cleaning Cat Toilet

The cleaning process starts when the smart sensors detect your cat has finished using it and ends when pet waste and clumps roll into the waste bin.
A honeycomb-shaped mesh sifts and separates clumps from clean litter in the inner barrel. Once separated, it is dropped into the waste bin when the barrel rolls. A built-in deodorizer will spray a plant-based liquid above the waste bin to eliminate the odor at its source.
Moderate your pet’s bathroom habits and health with push notifications to your phone. The app notifies you when the litter is running low, when the waste bin is full, and when the deodorizer fluid needs refilling. Have total control of your pet’s litter box situation right at your fingertips.

There are sensors inside the litter box that detects activities in the surrounding environment that ensures your pet can use it safely. It will also monitor when it is an appropriate time to initiate automatic cleaning cycles.

The litter box has a Triple Anti-Pinch Protection system, developed based on a cat’s natural behaviors. It also has multiple maintenance protection barriers to avoid a potential safety hazard.

A special deodorizing liquid that atomizes and sprays the waste bin ensures odor control at the source. The ultrasonic wave is quiet so that your cat will not be disturbed. It also prevents the litter from mildewing.

The purifying refill solution is non-toxic and made from raw materials that are safe for use around pets. It also contains plant extracts that safely decomposes ammonia and hydrogen sulfides found in cat waste.

The Litter Box has a waste bin located under the unit that stores waste and clumps. When the waste bin is full, you get a notification on the APP and OLED screen. Pull open the bottom drawer containing the waste bin and throw the drawstring bag into the trash.

New Trend Cleaning Cat Toilet


  • Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 504 mm x 532mm  x 646mm
  • Weight: 2.1 Kg
  • Capacity in Litter: 5.4 L
  • Wireless Connection: Bluetooth / Wifi
  • Power: AC adapter
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