Powerful Spray Shower Head (3 In 1)

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Powerful Spray Shower Head (3 In 1)


The Powerful Spray Shower Head is a 3-Modes shower speed that is Pressurized and can rotate to 360°.  Its showerhead delivers up to 200% more water pressure, soothing away aches, tension and mental fatigue at a 35% reduced water cost.

Humanized design, convenient and quick. One key stop water once opens and uses.

It can also turn into a hose for cleaning the bathroom giving the same pressure needed to spray away the stains and dirt from your bathroom.

3 Shower Modes:

  • Pulse mode – Strong and powerful water.
  • Surfing mode – Full water, large water, soft medium strip water mode, open your pores and release human fatigue.
  • Rain mode – Large effluent area, delicate water flow, soft and comfortable which contributes to the experience of sleep.

Each mode gives you a special shower experience. The water is fine and even, allowing you and your family to enjoy a relaxing shower experience.

Freely Adjustable:
360° freely adjustable swivel head ensures that you can adjust the showerhead, letting you and your family enjoy the relaxing shower experience.

Tools-free Installation:
No need to call a plumber. 3 In 1 High-Pressure Showerhead can be easily installed without tools. It is compatible with all US standard shower hose and shower accessories.

One Button to Stop Water:
With the stop function, there is no need to close the valve in the middle to re-adjust water temperature, making your shower easier, especially for adults, disabled, toddlers, babies, campers, pets, can use as RV showerheads.

Easy to Clean:
Innovative adjustable removable design. Simply change the mode button and the middle panel button in the opposite direction to twist to open.

High-Pressure Design:
Dense small holes design makes for strong water pressure, while still soft and delicate the same time-saving water up to 30%, with a 200% increase in water speed compared to the ordinary shower head for low water pressure.

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