Prime Suction Cup Sharpener


Prime Suction Cup Sharpener
Prime Suction Cup Sharpener

Prime Suction Cup Sharpener


Tungsten carbide technology makes this sharpener capable of extending the life of your knives. Its Power Grip suction cup base makes it attach securely to any smooth countertop or smooth surface without a need for any securing tools. You can sharpen your knives safely and single-handed when it is attached.

  • It can sharpen all types of knives, including serrated knives.
  • Compact and and portable. This helps to make the knife sharpening process virtually effortless.

Perfect design

The biggest difference between other sharpeners and our Suction Cup Sharpener is its super hard Tungsten carbide blade, which gives his knife a new thread.

Do whatever you want

Our Kitchen sharpener has powerful suction cups and a unique lock treasure system. There is no danger of slipping or stabbing, ensuring your safety!

Fast and convenient
Suitable for most knives, such as chef knives, butcher knives,
hunting knives, pocket knives, etc..

High-quality and durable materials

Although the imitations are similar, they all have steel blades that will stop working after some time.

The tungsten carbide blade has unlimited resistance usability.

Prime Suction Cup Sharpener

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