Rotating Magic Bean Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Toys


Rotating Magic Bean Rubik's Cube Puzzle Toys
Rotating Magic Bean Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Toys

Rotating Magic Bean Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Toys

[Fun Decompression Puzzle] This spinning magic bean toy is an effective decompression fidget and educational toy, which can relieve stress and anxiety, exercise hand-eye coordination, spatial and logical thinking, and improve problem-solving ability through concentration and thinking. Whether adults or children over the age of 3 are stressed and irritated by work and study, the spinning ball toy is the perfect relaxation too

[Game Instructions] The Magic Beanstalk fingertip toy with 10 O-shaped concave grooves, and each groove with multiple beads. You can move the beads by pushing the middle module and the edge rotating shaft, disturb the position of the beads of different colors in the 10o- grooves on the front and back, and then start thinking about how to match and restore the beads of the same color in the same groove

【The Original Intention of the Design】: our cube fidget spinner is constantly upgraded and innovative to increase the playability, not only to relieve you of the pressure in your life and relieve your worries at work, but also to promote the child’s ability to think independently, let the child enjoy it

【Dual Gameplay】: Our rotating magic bean fidget toys can be used as a small top in the palm of your hand. Press and hold both ends to toggle rotation, and move your palm to exercise your finger flexibility. It is also a Rubik’s cube, which increases playability

【How to Play the Toy】: Our puzzle fidget toy can rotate 360° on the side of the three rotating bars and the module in the middle, and can also rotate on both sides to improve the child’s hands-on ability and thinking ability, and also allow you to temporarily immerse yourself in it. , to relieve some pressure for you

【High-Quality Material】: This decompression toy is made of ABS assured material, carefully polished every detail, and the edges are smooth, just to protect the delicate hands of children

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