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$106.90 $51.95


$106.90 $51.95

Do you use a computer mouse for 2 or more hours a day?

If yes, then you’re at risk of getting painful “Repetitive Strain Injury”.

And the good thing is you can avoid that by using the RSI-Proof RGB Vertical Mouse!

This mouse’s functions are just like traditional ones BUT it’s a LOT easier and safer to use. The vertical design gives lesser tension to the shoulder for a more comfortable experience.

  • COMFORTABLE – Yes! The vertical appearance isn’t just a unique gimmick. This design gives lesser tension to your shoulders, ideal for longer use.
  • SAFER ALTERNATIVE – Repetitive Strain Injury caused by using a computer mouse for 2 or more hours on a daily basis is a REAL pain. OUCH! So, replacing your old mouse with an elevated one that maintains ergonomic wrist movements would be a smart choice.

  • COOL RGB LIGHTS – Set the “cyberpunk” mode up when playing MOBAs or FPS games with its amazing Red, Green, Blue lighting pattern. The RGB lights also give a relaxing ambiance — perfect to relieve stress during work hours.
  • EASY TO USE – It might take a few hours to get used to it. But once you do, you will find it a LOT easier to navigate with than a traditional mouse. You can also configure the sensitivity setting to adapt to gaming or work for maximum experience.

  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY – Can be used with most desktops & laptops!

Replace your RSI-causing primitive mouse with the most advanced & safer one to date!

Have this RSI-Proof RGB Vertical Mouse in your desktop set TODAY!