Safety Electric Nail Trimmer & File


Safety Electric Nail Trimmer & File

No more accidental cuts and struggles to trim your nails!

Safety Electric Nail Trimmer & File adopts recessed blade for maximum safety & pain-free usage, spinning at 500 RPM to precisely & smoothly trim fingernails or rough toenails.

Constructed with beveled blade with precision trimming , it also files nails without damaging cuticles and nail beds for healthy nail growth.

Featuring built-in LED light for clear viewing – no more failed cut or uneven edges!


  • EFFORTLESS TRIM : Rotating blade spins at 500 RPM using one side to trim nails and one side to file nails. No more bending your body to trim the hard way!
  • HIGH SAFETY : Safe to touch while quickly trim and polish little toe and fingernails. NO Damage on cuticles and nail beds.
  • LED LIGHT : Built-in light for precision trimming.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE : Easy to hold with non-slip handle.
  • SMOOTH, EVEN EDGES : Professional result for perfectly trimmed nails & feet.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN : Battery powered and travel friendly. Easy to use.


  • Size:17*21.5*6.5cm


  • 1pc x Safety Electric Nail Trimmer & File
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