Super Shoe Whitener

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$34.99 $14.97

Super Shoe Whitener

$34.99 $14.97

Shoes are a beauty to behold, but best when they are truly clean. Keeping shoes tidy is often perceived as impossible by many and understandably so, stains seem to stick forever. Well, not anymore. With the arrival of the Super Shoe Whiteneryour shoes will thank you.

Suitable for all kinds of shoes, the Super ShoeWhitener adopts a unique neutral formula prepared from a variety of unique active agents and whitening enzymes which helps it quickly clean stains in the vamps. Without damaging leather or skin, the Super Shoe Whitener has a mild smell and whitens your shoe in one minute.


  • Fast Actions: whitens shoe in one minute
  • Nice Smell: has a very mild smell
  • Safe to Use: does not damage leather or skin
  • Unique Formula: prepared from a variety of unique active agents


  • Press the sponge to wipe it back and forth and wipe the stains with the bristles around it.
  • Dry with a dry cloth or paper towel, the vamp will look bright and clean as new.


  • Ingredients: Active Agent + Whitening Enzyme
  • Size: 100ml
  • Weight: 120g


  • 1 × Super ShoeWhitener

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