The Sound Of Nature From Bamboo FluteğŸŽ¶

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The Sound Of Nature From Bamboo FluteğŸŽ¶

The Sound Of Nature From Bamboo FluteğŸŽ¶

  • Key of C
  • Key of D
  • Key of E
  • Key of F
  • Key of G
Product description:

♪Tone quality♪ The voice is melodious and euphemistic, and the tunes played are beautiful, delicate, and gorgeous.

Enjoy the soothing and anti-stress sounds of bamboo flute! It is very easy to play and is the perfect gift for anyone who loves music.
The bamboo flute is handmade and professionally tuned to give you the best sound experience.

♪A sound you won’t forget♪

This Flute made of high grade bamboo material, the length of each bamboo slub are exactly the same, and the feel is excellent in hand. Each one flute is unique, handmade works of art.

♪To play the bamboo flute to start producing beautiful music. ♪

The expressive power of the flute is very rich. It can not only play long and high-pitched melody, but also express a wide and long key. At the same time, it can also play lively and gorgeous dance music and graceful and graceful minor tunes.

♪This wooden flute is a beautiful item. Its colors and crafting represents a work of art!♪

Perfect article for home decoration purpose. The rustic wood finish along with the hand painted art makes it a perfect mystic decoration.


Material: bamboo
Number of holes: 8
Scale: Natural C/D/E/F/G tone