USB Intelligent Voice Light


USB Intelligent Voice Light
USB Intelligent Voice Light

USB Intelligent Voice Light

light source: This product is a usb powered desk lamp with night light and flashlight source, which can be used for reading or working. The led desk lamp can emit soft and uniform light, which is very suitable for eyesight.

lamp computer table: The lamp head is foldable, portable and easy to carry around. The desk lamp is designed with a strong base and can be placed on the desktop or attached to the wall, saving space in your home.

polished chrome: The unique design is more attractive, with polished chrome and high gloss, and it can also be used to illuminate home lighting. Exquisite polished chrome body, elegant appearance.

✨:LED Desk Lamp Portable Night Light Lamp Freely Foldable Table Lamp USB LED Luminaria De Mesa Super Bright Ring Lights Non Strobe

✨ Hardware: Voltage is 5v.Light source is led bulbs.Is bulbs included is yes.Is smart device is no.Is dimmable is no.

✨ Tables for computers operated with electricity: this led desk lamp is designed to work with computers if you use it as a desk lamp, it can be operated by usb port or power bank.

✨ Comfortable: this desk lamp is made of high-quality materials, with a soft and comfortable touch, which can be used for a long time.

✨ Easy to use: this desk lamp is easy to use. just plug it into any usb port, then plug in the usb cable and you can enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

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