V-Shape Slimming Mask


V-Shape Slimming Mask
V-Shape Slimming Mask

Get the perfect V-shaped face without surgery!

This V-shaped Slimming Mask effectively lifts and erases fats and wrinkles by repairing damaged muscle and shaping your facial muscles in as fast as 14 days!  V-Shape Slimming Mask!

Fight against aging and gravity naturally! Reveal your own youthful V shape without spending costly procedure!


  1. Make sure your face it’s clean and dry
  2. Wrap the first mask around your chin and hang it on your ears.
  3. Wrap the second mask above the first one just below your nose and hang it on your ears.
  4. Wear it at least for 25 minutes, remove and store it in a cool and dry place.
  5. For better results, we recommend you to wear the mask daily for 14 consecutive days, then 2-3 times every week.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES:  V-Shape Slimming Mask x 1/5pcs
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