šŸŒŠAnti-fog diving snorkeling mask怐šŸ”„Father’s Day PromotionšŸ”„怑


šŸŒŠAnti-fog diving snorkeling mask怐šŸ”„Father’s Day PromotionšŸ”„怑

šŸŒŠAnti-fog diving snorkeling mask怐šŸ”„Father’s Day PromotionšŸ”„怑

Breathe freely through your nose or mouth!Ā Ā 

This amazing full-face snorkel mask allows you toĀ swim underwater without a mouthpiece or bulky equipment!Ā All you have to do is slip it on and swim! You’ll be able toĀ see all theĀ amazing things that live underwater!
  • 2-Way Respiration System:Ā The Mask lets you breathe fresh air with each breath, theĀ exhaled CO2 is fed through a separateĀ channel!
  • Full 180Ā°Ā View:Ā This mask allows you toĀ seeĀ EVERYTHINGĀ while underwater!
  • Anti-Fog Poly-carbonateĀ Glass:Ā Made withĀ shatter-proofĀ Plexiglas, this snorkel mask will never fog up on you!
  • Two Sizes Available:Ā Straps areĀ easy to adjustĀ so that most head sizes and shapes are accommodated
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OurĀ masks are made ofĀ high-qualityĀ medical-grade silicone.Ā Non-toxic andĀ environmentally friendly, which can prevent skin allergies or other skin problems. It includes an adjustable elastic ribbon which is convenient andĀ comfortableĀ to wear. You no longer need to worry about pulling your hair when putting on a snorkeling mask.


Our covered top and floating ball design willĀ stop waterĀ from getting into your mask and prevents any gagging. This innovative design features a separate breathing chamber that creates airflow away from your main viewing visor that helpsĀ eliminates fogging.
  • ShellĀ material:Ā polycarbonateĀ (PC)
  • Inner shell material:Ā importedĀ medicalĀ liquidĀ siliconeĀ +Ā elasticĀ elasticĀ band
  • Single weight (with packaging):Ā aboutĀ 650g
  • Size(approx.):
    S/MĀ (innerĀ diameterĀ 17*13cm/6.69*5.12inch,Ā outerĀ diameterĀ 23*19cm/9.05*7.48inch)
    L/XLĀ (innerĀ diameterĀ 19*13cm/7.48*5.12inch,Ā outerĀ diameterĀ 23*19cm/9.05*7.48inch)