🔥2021 Hot Sale🔥 Lazy Lipstick

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🔥2021 Hot Sale🔥 Lazy Lipstick

 A satiny slate with violet tones, Lazy Lipstick is like the manifestation of the creative mind — or mouth.

Touch Up Your Lip on-the-go and Get the Perfect Lip Color in Seconds!

Are you in a hurry? No time to put the lipstick in front of the mirror? No worries! From now on, you don’t have to spend much time to finish your look! Even if you forgot to bring your mirror, you could still apply the lipstick evenly without any hustle with Lazy Lipstick. It is designed to cover your whole lips. Just rub your lips on it, and you’ll get a perfect lip makeup even in a hurry!

Lazy lipstick, 3 seconds to shape up and finish.

The matte lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip.

Contains moisturizing ingredients to improve lip dryness and lip lines, leaving lips full and tempting.

Unique lipstick style easy and comfortable application, designed for lazy people.

12 colors optional, easy to find your favorite color and match with your exquisite makeup.

Choose the right color for your skin tone

About Our #1 Rated Lazy Lipstick

Waterproof & Long-Lasting: Lazy Lipstick is waterproof, durable and non-sticky. No longer worry about any sputum caused by the contact of the cup and the lip gloss! You can wear this lipstick for a rainy day, pool party, and beach day. Show your full and charming lips with this lipstick.

Matte finish & smudge proof: The advanced formula gives you a velvety matte finish that makes create the more bold look! The velvet-covered matte finish gives you a more comfy touch all day long! It is smudge-proof that leave no marks on your cup! Stay glamorous all day and night! 

Easy & time saving: You need only seconds to sculpt and finish! No need to take time for perfect application! All you need is to just put it between your lips, and you’ll get a perfect lip makeup!

Full lip coverage: Designed to cover the entire lips, so you don’t need a mirror to apply color evenly. Just put the lipstick between your lips to use and go out with stunning look!

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🔥2021 Hot Sale🔥 Lazy Lipstick
Original price was: $35.08.Current price is: $17.54. Select options