🔥Father’s Day Promotion – Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver

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🔥Father’s Day Promotion – Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver

ğŸŽFather’s Day  special event: Randomly selected 100 lucky customers to get knife stand the every day.
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Our artisans have combined quality craftsmanship with eccentric creativity. The Ecmoshop – Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver is hand-forged from Japanese steel using ancient techniques passed down through generations of experienced knifesmiths. In Japanese culture, the Tiger symbolizes balance, freedom, and good luck.
So our artisans decided to create a limited edition piece that ties in Japanese excellence with their traditional beliefs. This knife represents true perfection and is a reminder that preparing food in the kitchen is more than just a task, it’s art.


  • Hand-forged
  • Premium chef tool
  • Guaranteed to last a lifetime


  • (1)  Professional Handmade Meat Knife + Protective Sheath
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🔥Father’s Day Promotion – Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver