🔥LAST DAY 49% OFF 🔥🎁Electric Manicure Set

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🔥LAST DAY 49% OFF 🔥🎁Electric Manicure Set

Get salon-quality manicures without hassle at home!

This electric nail machine with five interchangeable abrasive heads, which allows you to exfoliate the surface of your nails, remove the gel and keep them neat and clean in a much faster and easier way! It effortlessly polishes your nails and leaves them with a beautiful glossy shine!

This nail machine kit gives your nails the care they deserve without you having to spend too much on expensive salon services! It provides professional results in a much more hassle-free and cheaper way, eliminating the need for expensive salon manicure and pedicure services and helping you save money!

Features and benefits:

✓ Provides convenience – polish and glide your nails, even on the go! This set has a wireless and portable design that makes it easy to carry around, so you can care for your nails anytime, anywhere you want. It also has a built-in 150mAh rechargeable battery that lasts up to 45 minutes.

✓ Comfortable grinding – This nail machine kit has an ergonomic design and settings with changing direction of rotation, making it left-turn-friendly and making it much easier and more comfortable to polish nails from both hands.

✓ Safety design – It also comes with a built-in LED automatic light so you can better see your nails and never miss a spot, while preventing any risk of accidents such as nail overtrimming.

✓ Effortless polishing – This nail machine can effortlessly polish nails, even the thick nails, thanks to its adjustable revolutions per minute. You can adjust it from 6000 to 12000 rpm.


Material: ABS + electrical components
Color: Pink
Size: 18x9x2.5cm

Package contents:

1 set x  Electric manicure nail machine set
1x body
5x drill bit 1x USB cable
1x instruction manual
1x bag

🔥LAST DAY 49% OFF 🔥🎁Electric Manicure Set

🔥LAST DAY 49% OFF 🔥🎁Electric Manicure Set
🔥LAST DAY 49% OFF 🔥🎁Electric Manicure Set