🤩2021 Stray Dog Charging Cable🐕

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🤩2021 Stray Dog Charging Cable🐕

Product Description

This Rogue Dog USB Cable Dog Charging Cable for Apple and Android Phone. No power is needed. Once connected with plug and phones, it starts to hump.  Great for stress relieving by watching it hump. Great for stress relieving by watching it hump. Small size, easy to carry.

Add a little laughter to your boring office life

Skin-friendly material Smooth texture:Skin-friendly material with flexible lines and no knots,50% faster, faster charging,Bold copper core wire, fast charging without flickering

Humanized reminder to charge Creative design, will automatically swing hips when charging and will stop by itself when fully charged


Length: 1 m/3.28 in
Color: white,orange
Product features: charging and data transmission
Interface: Lightning,Type-C, Micro USB


  • Upgraded version: 88 full copper core wires
  • Trickle charging does not hurt the phone: activate the battery, intelligently adapt to different models, and always take care of your phone
  • USB interface Re-reinforcement: Upgrade PVC connector, farewell interface is easy to break, anti-cracking and breaking, more durable
  • TPE material is more durable-covered with tough TPE material, strong and durable, anti-winding
  • Charging + transmission 2-in-1: give full play to performance and ensure that charging and data transmission occur simultaneously
  • 3A fast charge No hot: farewell to hot charging in summer, farewell to mobile phone hot during mobile games

Package Include:

1 × Stray dog charging cable

🤩2021 Stray Dog Charging Cable🐕
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