2 IN 1 Hair Straightening Curls Styler

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2 IN 1 Hair Straightening Curls Styler

No more bad hair days, time to enjoy your new runway style!

Versatile 3 in 1 design: everything you need for a gorgeous and healthy hair, detangling comb, hair brush, hair straightener, beard straightener and anion hair massager all in one! Straightensmoothcurlflip and style with one professional tool.

Style with speed and ease: straightening hair for women and man is now as easy as brushing your hair and beard! This brush delivers gentle, even heat around each strand. No more flattening or frying your tresses.

Efficient and safe: designed for rapid heating with positive temperature coefficient (ptc) heating technology that gets the straightener brush hot within 30 seconds and maintain optimum heat levels, 5~10 times faster than traditional straighteners!

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