2020 Women Shockproof Sports Bra


2020 Women Shockproof Sports Bra

Women, You Can Now Work Out With Comfort!

Athletic women’s main enemies from working out and achieving their ultimate fitness goal are sweat and discomfort. The new 2020 Women Shockproof Sports Bra can give you the satisfaction and comfort that you need ! Now, you can stay healthy and fit comfortably and worry-free!

Our product is made with forming pad cups that are ergonomically designed to support a wide range of extreme activities like yoga, gym fitness and other sports activities. Its breathable fabric feature separates the warm air and allows the cool air to flow into the garment. Now working out can never be this easy and trouble-free!


  • Multifunction – Perfect for female athletes who love workout. It supports a wide range of activities like yoga, gym fitness and other sports activities
  • Breathable Fabric –  The cups are made from a perfectly lightweight breathable fabric which allows cool air to flow into the garment whilst releasing warm air, allowing the wearer to remain cool, dry and comfortable over long periods of training time.

  • Non-Absorbent Padding – The padding chosen is non-absorbent which prevents sweat soaking into the fabric and sitting against the skin that can cause discomfort and uneasy feeling.
  • Forming Padded Cups – These wirefree padded cups moulds to the wearer for a perfect fit.
  • Front Locking Zip – The front locking zip is sturdy and can be easy adjusted, while protecting the chest against chafe and discomfort at the same time.
  • Adjustable Straps –  The shoulder straps are designed as sliders for a fastening system, allowing the wearer to tighten or loosen the fit across their back and shoulders easily for an ultimate comfortable fit.


Brand Name: CHON YUN

  • Material: Spandex, Polyester
  • Closure Type: Two rows of buckles
  • Size: S M L XL XXL

Package Includes

1 x 2020 Women Shockproof Sports Bra

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