360° 2-Flow Faucet Nozzle

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360° 2-Flow Faucet Nozzle

360° 2-Flow Faucet Nozzle

Say goodbye to the mess and splashes around your sink! 

Smartly designed to attach to any faucet to provide 360° rotation & 80° tilting for convenient washing and cleaning at multiple angles – as the water stream can directly reach every corner of your kitchen sink.

Offers 2 water flow modes – Soft bubble stream and strong spray. Simply rotate the bottom part to convert modes in a second!

Applies an air pressure controlling technique which regulates a constant, smooth water flow even when erratic water pressure exists, offering a more pleasing experience while improving water filtration.


  • 360° Rotation
    Engineered with 2 ball joints for 360° smooth rotation. Also offers up to 80° tilting for convenient splashing. Easily covers the whole sink and satisfy your different washing angle needs.

  • 2-Way Flowing Mode
    Performs 2 water stream modes – Soft bubble stream and strong spray. Simply rotate the bottom part to convert modes in a second!

  • Innovative Design
    Comparing with traditional bulky faucet nozzles, its simple & ultra slim shape looks smart & high-tech for your modern home.
  • Waver-saving Device
    Effectively reduce water usage up to 70% comparing to other standard bubble heads.

  • Universal Standard Size
    Applicable for all standard faucets with M22 external thread and internal thread M24.
  • Easy to Install
    Can be installed by wrench tool or even by hand.
  • High quality Material
    Engineered with multi-layered electroplating process on surface for high durability. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
  • Wide Applications
    Can be applied to kitchen, sink faucets, bathroom taps and lavatory faucets.


  • Material: ABS, Thickened Copper Plated
  • Type: Male / Female threads
  • Size as below:


  • 1 x 360° 2-Flow Faucet Nozzle

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