3D Christmas Cookie Cutter

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3D Christmas Cookie Cutter

☃️ Amaze Your Guests with Delicate 3D Cookies! 🦌

Everything else is going 3D so why can’t cookies? Try these 3D Christmas Cookie Cutters and create a forest of Christmas trees and snowmen, but watch out for the reindeer sniffing the ground for landmines set by the Grinch. Go above and beyond with your holiday cookie display!

Simple and easy, just merge pieces of cookies like creating 3D puzzles! Besides being a sweet way to spend a snowy afternoon, they make great gifts and help decorate for a holiday party!


  • Cookies Go 3D: Bake the best mouthwatering cookies in the neighbourhood and amaze your guests with the brilliant 3D design
  • Merge like Puzzles: Simply merge pieces of cookies like creating 3D puzzles,   precise shapes and sizes allow them to stand stably on table
  • Artistic Decoration: You can create an edible gingerbread house by merging the cookie pieces, while it can also be a part of the holiday decoration in your house
  • Stainless Steel Materials: Reusable, non-stick and easy to clean, with smooth surface you can have cookies cut perfectly

  • Allow you to create 3D Christmas tree, reindeer, sleigh, snowman and gingerbread house cookies with these adorable shaped cookie cutters
  • Long-lasting and not easy to deform
  • Make icing on cookies for a more appetite increasing appearance


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Available Color: Silver

Package Includes:

  • 8pcs 3D Christmas CookieCutter (Christmas Set)
  • 10pcs 3D Christmas Cookie Cutter (Gingerbread House Set)
  • 18pcs 3D Christmas Cookie Cutter (Christmas + Gingerbread House Set)
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