3D Christmas Pop Bubble Toy


🎄Make the holiday season more joyous with this 3D Christmas Pop Bubble Toy!🎅🏻
This Christmas themed pop-it toy can be used as a fun jigsaw game and a relaxing sensory fidget toy! Each piece can be easily connected together like puzzles which in turn will form as a whole structure. Including Santa Claus, 3D Christmas tree, cute reindeer and chilly snowflakes design that will surely get you into the holiday spirit! It has squishy bubble buttons that can be pressed multiple times, producing soothing pop-pop sounds with each push! Ideal for those with stress, anxiety, hand fidgety, ADHD and such.
The toy can be played all through the seasons without it breaking or deforming. Suitable for kids, teens and adults, as it also helps in developing focus, logical thinking, color recognition and hand-eye coordination! This push-pop toy is lightweight and washable so you can take it with you anywhere and clean it easily with water after use.  
🎁Make sure that you’re on Santa’s good list to have this educational, yet fun holiday-themed push pop toy! 🦌


  • 3D Christmas Pop Bubble Toy🎄
    This exquisite Christmas themed pop it toy can be used both as a jigsaw puzzle and as a sensory relief toy! The popper fidget can be easily connected together with the other pieces to form a whole structure. It comes with a festive pattern design such as Santa Claus, 3D Christmas tree, cute reindeer, chilly snowflakes and so on!

  • 🔔Sensory Relief Toy🎅🏻
    Construct it into a complete piece to fully enjoy the endless pop-able bubble buttons that release soothing sounds! Providing you a great sensory interaction, perfect for those who experience stress, anxiety, hand fidgety, ADHD and such. What’s more? This pop it fidget also helps in developing focus, logical thinking abilities, color recognition and hand-eye coordination! Ideal for teens, adults, elderly, especially for children! 

  • 🔔Ideal Gift🎁
    The best holiday-themed push pop toy that can be used not only during Christmas, but for all seasons! It can be played by the whole family, friends or just by yourself. Making it the perfect present that everyone would ask for Santa! Great for birthdays, Christmas, halloween gifts, thanksgiving and more possibilities!

  • 🔔Premium Material🦌
    Made of high-quality food-grade silicone that is 100% safe to use! It has damage-resistant squishy bubbles that are soft to touch, perfect for unlimited fun play. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it is lightweight and can be cleaned easily with water.   
  • Material: Silicone

  • 1 x 3D Christmas Pop Bubble Toy

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3D Christmas Pop Bubble Toy
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