3D Gravity Carrot Knife Decompression Toy

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3D Gravity Carrot Knife Decompression Toy

Product description

3D Gravity Carrot Knife The Emotion Release Tool

Product features

✅NEW DESIGN FIDGET TOY – Cool toys for adults that will make you want to play with it forever.Anxiety and stress relief toys, a sensory fidget toy that can be played with one hand, allowing you be free to do other things while playing. Strong ABS plastic body. fidget toys for adults and fidget toys for teenagers.

✅COOL PLAY WITH YOUR HANDS – Our fidget knife is made of high quality 3D printed plastic, the edge of the blade is smooth and does not hurt your hand. The blade is hidden in the sheath when not in use, when you use it, just wave it and you can rely on gravity and inertia to throw the blade out, be cool in front of your friends!

✅STRESS RELIEF TOY – Whether you are a student or an office worker, you may be under the stress of studies or work, which over time can lead to negative emotions such as depression, hyperactivity, mania and depression. With the help of fidget toys, you will be able to limit unwanted habits such as nail biting and smoking. The time of boredom will pass quickly and you will be happy when you are alone. Many people have been able to successfully break bad habits with the help of this fun and cool fidget toy.

✅EDC FIDGET TOY – These relaxing mini fidget toys are portable and small enough to play with one hand. So you can easily keep these delicate toys in your pocket. These fidget toys are perfect for travel, at work, at home or on the go. You can play anywhere at office, home, school, subway, train station, outdoor etc.

✅COLLECTIONS AND GIFTS- Fidget toys are exciting gifts that people of all ages love, regardless of age or gender. You can give them to your father, husband, brother, boyfriend, best friend. This is an easy and great gift idea for any occasion such as birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Years or any other party/event. If you are a lover of EDC toys, this exquisite cursor is for you and is a perfect collection.


  • Material: plastic
  • Weight: 60g
  • Color: Purple, white, pink and white
  • Dimension:

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3D Gravity Carrot Knife Decompression Toy
3D Gravity Carrot Knife Decompression Toy
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