4D Ultra Thin Stroking Brow Brush


Easily draw natural looking, hair-like brow strokes with our 4D Ultra Thin Stroking Brow Brush!

Our 4D Ultra Thin Stroking Brow Brush is specially designed to pack with fine, fluffy 4D bristles that enable you to effortlessly achieve the coveted microblading look from the comfort of your own home. Our angled brush contours and fills in sparse brows with ease. It works seamlessly with various brow products, including powder, gel, ink, and pomade. Simply dip it in the brow gel and shape with your natural brows, gently brushing upward until it fills in your eyebrows to your desired shape. It even works for filling in your hairline.

The tip of our 4D Ultra Thin Stroking Brow Brush is perfect for creating natural, fine brow strokes. Dip only the tip of our angled brush into the brow gel. If you are using a powder or pomade, dip your angled brush into the product and tap off the excess. Our 24-hour long-lasting brow gels are waterproof and smudge proof, making them the perfect complement to our brush. Our bundle set is perfect for creating the perfect brows that stay on fleek all day long.

4D Ultra Thin Stroking Brow Brush has the following product:


  • Fill in the brow shape by following the natural hair growth pattern of your eyebrows.
  • Use the angled end of the brush to fluff brow hairs slightly upward as desired, creating a natural, realistic look.
  • Sweep the tail hairs in their natural direction, or slightly upward and outward for a 3D, fluffed look.
  • Wait a few minutes for the gel to dry for smudge-proof, waterproof finish.


  • Material: Synthetic fibers
  • Brush Length: 16cm
  • Shelf year (Gel): 3 years
4D Ultra Thin Stroking Brow Brush
4D Ultra Thin Stroking Brow Brush
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