4K Laser Theater

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4K Laser Theater


Unleash ultra-brightness on your home entertainment with the power of 2,400 Lumens that makes content bright at any time of day.

The Laser Forge Image Engine ignites the true potential of your picture. Powered by lasers, the image engine features ALPD 3.0, software used in professional theaters that enhances the brightness, saturation, and contrast—then takes it to the next level.

After your eyes get taken in by the true color accuracy of 100% Rec. 709, you’ll be blown away by the brightness of increased laser efficiency.

Take movie night anywhere in or around your home with the ergonomically curved top-handle that turns any space into a theater.

It’s OK if you accidentally bump the projector because the Gridless Auto Keystone Correction adjusts the vertical and horizontal aspects to the ideal 16:9 ratio in 3 seconds. Plus, you won’t see layout guides on the screen, so you can just keep watching.

Seamless Autofocus produces instant image clarity, so you spend less time getting lost in the Settings menu and more time engaging with your content.

Watch the advanced algorithm instantly frame your image into a size that’s just right for your space or screen with Auto Screen Fit.

When the watch party moves outdoors, plug the Cosmos Laser series into your portable power station for the energy supply you need for the entire movie. For best results, use Anker 545 Portable Power Station (PowerHouse 778Wh), which provides a versatile array of ports for any power need.

When the hero makes a grand entrance, you’ll see the difference that 4K/1080p makes with detailed enhancement that keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

Bring the cinematic experience into your home by beaming a whopping 150″ screen that makes your guests go, “Wow!”

HDR10 heightens the contrast of the image quality so every detail feels dynamic with lighter whites and darker blacks.

Dazzle your ears with the sweet, rich sound of movie soundtracks from the Cosmos Laser series. You’ll hear your speakers’ potential maximized with AiFi technology, which uses a unique algorithm to immerse you in a true 3D soundscape perfect for your home theater.

Mesmerize your guests with 3D theater quality at home. Grab your 3D glasses (not provided) and feel the characters come to life, up close and personal.

Note: We recommend updating the firmware to the latest version first.

Just a tap of a finger gives you access to 400,000+ movies and episodes on 7,000+ apps on Android TV 10.0, including the most popular streaming platforms.

Binge watchers will never worry about burnouts with this 25,000-hour lamp life that ensures you could use the Cosmos Laser series for years on one lamp.

Pass in front of the Cosmos Laser series without worrying about the brightness thanks to Eye Guard. Any time you walk in front of the image, the light goes dark to keep you and your family’s eyes safe.

Use your phone, tablet, or USB drive to link with the Cosmos Laser series, so you can stream the content you want without hassle.

4K Laser Theater

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4K Laser Theater
4K Laser Theater