5 Essential Pastry Tools


5 Essential Pastry Tools


  • CAKE SLICER LEVELER– This adjustable 5-layer lever allows you to cut through cake in a very even and easy manner. You can effortlessly adjust it to your own preference.
5 Essential Pastry Tools
  • ADJUSTABLE CAKE SCRAPER– It evens out the icing, frostings, ganache, and many more! You can adjust the height of the spatula to cater to your cake’s size.
5 Essential Pastry Tools
  • ARTISTIC PASTRY NOZZLES SET– Makes it super easy to create beautiful floral frosting designs made with the various nozzles.
  • EASY ROSE CUTTER– Craft your own rose bud cake decoration with the help of this easy to use rose template cutter.
  • DRAGEE APPLICATOR– Add a touch of elegance to your cake design by adding pearls on top or at the sides of your cake. This tool will make the process up to 90% quicker than manually doing it by hand.
  • COMPLETE 5-TOOL SET-The set includes all the tools that you need in order to create professionally-made cake decorations, including a 5-layer lever, adjustable cake spatula, multi-purpose rose cutter, pastry nozzles set, and pearl applicator.
5 Essential Pastry Tools

Product options:

  • Cake Slicer Levelers: 2 pcs
  • Adjustable Cake Scraper: 1 pc
  • Artistic Pastry Nozzles Set: 8 x Pastry Nozzles
  • Easy Rose Cutter: 3 pc (different sizes)
  • Dragee Applicator: 1 pc
  • Full set: all of the above
  • Package Includes: 1 x 5 Essential Pastry Tools
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5 Essential Pastry Tools
5 Essential Pastry Tools
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