6 in 1 Tool Set Drawer

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6 in 1 Tool Set Drawer

6-layer tool

Classification of 6 EVA3 high-density foam pallets, and anti-overturning carbon with laminated PVC surface type.

Tools include

Screwdrivers, hammers and measuring tools, pliers, wrenches, sockets, files and cutting tools, they are compatible with high-tech and racing carts.


Number of floors|: 6 floors
Product size: 68×46×91 cm.
The internal dimensions of the drawer are 7: small drawers of 56.5 × 40 × 6.5 cm.
The internal dimensions of the drawer 1: A large drawer of 56.5 × 40 × 14.5 cm.
Color: Grey/anthracite hammered powder coating.
Packing size: 74.9×52×99.4 cm.
Weight: 61.8 kg

Easy to slide:

All drawers are equipped with sturdy ball bearing guides and double non-slip pad.
With telescopic ball guide, ball bearing wheels, two fixed, two rotating, and brakes on two wheels.

Can be locked:

It can be locked with a key. Delivery includes 2 keys. Fully detachable drawer locks of every drawer.
Central lock.


Equipped with 339 high-quality tools;
Combination wrenches of 6 to 22 mm;
1/4″ hex socket from 3.5 to 14 mm;
1/2″ hex socket from 10 to 32 mm;
EVA module made of high-density two-color foam material;
Special space for the torque wrench in the first drawer.

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6 in 1 Tool Set Drawer