6 Sided All Rounded Toothbrush

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6 Sided All Rounded Toothbrush

Advanced teeth cleaning with surround soft bristle technology that assures gum line cleaning. This is suitable to all ages, and the ultimate solution for different oral hygiene problems.

  • Deep Cleaning: Features an ultimate ability to clean faster, easier, and more comprehensively than other types of toothbrushes available today. The design allows a quick and effective cleaning in a short amount of time.
  • 6 Sided Toothbrush: A 360-degree coverage which can completely reach different sides of the teeth. The soft bristles can adapt to the different tooth widths of children and adults and does not scratch the skin.
  • Prevents Common Dental Problems: It can help to improve your oral hygiene and lessen the risk for gingivitis, tooth decay and gum disease . It reduces tarter to build-up fast.

Color: White, Gray, Black

1 x 6 Sided All Rounded Toothbrush